Retail POS

Features :

  1. Touch screen-based Billing or Cash Register (5 inch /7 inch /8 inch /10 inch or others)
  2. 2 inch Bluetooth (wireless) thermal printer connectivity.
  3. Wireless Weighing Scale Connectivity
  4. Unlimited Product Storage
  5. Unlimited Billing data
  6. WIFI Connectivity/3G/4G connectivity (depends on tablet or mobile)
  7. 8GB Internal storage or large SD Card Support
  8. Facility for Unit Selection, Product Image, Product Category, GST, HSN Code & Stock Updating.
  9. Search By product Name
  10. Multiple Customer in Queue with deletion option.
  11. Bill can be printed or stored as PDF file.
  12. Cart Type Billing method (shop more, add, delete, update products in cart, pending, check out options)
  13. Facility for cash / credit options
  14. Multiple Product rate update facility
  15. Multiple Product stock update facility
  16. Credit customer bill list with payment collection option
  17. Payment receive slip for credit customer
  18. No of bill copy option
  19. Bill Reprint Option
  20. Unlimited Item in a single Bill
  21. Daily, Monthly, Yearly, Total, Item wise reports that can be
  22. viewed, printed or pdf file generation.
  23. Wireless connectivity with printer and weighing scale.
  24. Printing Options: With and Without GST detail, number of copies, Reprint, headers and footers
  25. Full data backup and restore for future restoration
  26. Import and Export data through excel file.
  27. Stock updating and no stock alert.
  28. Rounding of Bill: None, Up, Down
  29. Selectable Home screen weight colour option
  30. Discount, delivery charge, packing charge option.
  31. Product Image Display or Not option
  32. Multiple Product in Bill single and multiple entry selection
  33. Expense details

Models Available :

  1. RetailPOS - 7TBPBS : 7 inch Tab, Bluetooth Printer, Bluetooth Scale
  2. RetailPOS - 10TBPBS : 10 inch Tab, Bluetooth Printer, Bluetooth Scale
  3. RetailPOS - 7TBP : 7 inch Tab, Bluetooth Printer
  4. RetailPOS - 10TBP : 10 inch Tab, Bluetooth Printer
  5. RetailPOS - 7TBPS : 10 inch Tab, Bluetooth Scale with Inbuilt Printer
  6. RetailPOS - 10TBPS : 10 inch Tab, Bluetooth Scale with Inbuilt Printer
  7. RetailPOS - 7POS : 7 inch Tablet based weighing scale with Printer
  8. RetailPOS - 10POS : 10 inch Tablet based weighing scale with Printer

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