Platform Scales

Platform scales

Platform scales are industrial weighing devices that consist of a platform joined to an automatic system of levers, adjustable weights, and one or more load cells, usually arranged under a platform or scale pan which is used to weigh large or heavy objects. The larger platform scales are used for pallet weighing more in warehouses or dispatch departments,

Features :

  1. Platform scales are Load cell based, strong & sturdy, over load protection.
  2. Scales suitable
  3. Flame proof encloser optional.
  4. Optional features: RS 232/485, Printer output, Set points.

Technical Specification :

  1. Platform MS/SS type
  2. Platform size: 400mmx 400mm, 600mmx600mm, 750mmx750mm Bigger platform with four load cell systems.
  3. Capacity:   50 Kg. to 5 ton.

Application :

Platform scales are majorly used in industries like Food and Pharma where utmost care of hygiene has to be taken and the environment needs to be cleaned.


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